Bass-10 lbs-2


Twin Creek Ranch has some of the best bass fishing in the Southeast! There are 11 private lakes on site, all of which have had no public access since the 1930s. The largest lake is 115 acres and five of the lakes are 50 plus acres in size.

The lakes are in excellent health. Recent studies conducted by the University of Florida show the lakes possess a healthy fish population and numerous trophy bass (10 plus lbs). These lakes are undeveloped and beautiful.

Largemouth Bass

This is open on all lakes and is currently catch and release (unless otherwise noted). We work closely with the University of Florida to improve the quality and quantity of bass in the lakes. We also allow UF to conduct research studies on the lakes. Due to these activities, certain lakes might have fishing restrictions and some lakes might have harvesting requests.


These can be harvested from all lakes and should meet state laws for size and catch. Some lakes might have harvest restrictions or requests based upon the needs of each individual lake as determined by the University of Florida.