Hunting & Fishing

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The Twin Creek Ranch has been practicing in Trophy Management (QDMA) since 1993. The deer hunting guidelines state that only bucks with an antler spread of 15 plus inches (ear tip to ear tip) can be harvested. We also harvest doe through permits during the season with the intent of improving the buck to doe ratio.

We plant fall and spring food plots, use feeders, and are supplementing the deer with minerals. Ladder stands, tri-pods, and shooting houses are strategically placed by Twin Creek Ranch. However, hunters are allowed to bring their own stands and place them as long as they do not interfere with current stand or hunter locations. Numerous game cameras are also monitored by Twin Creek Ranch and pictures will be posted on the ranch website for member viewing throughout the season.


The turkey hunting is controlled and managed to improve the number and quality of the birds. Turkey can only be harvested during the spring gobbler season and only with shotguns. Only mature bearded gobblers can be killed. No jakes or hens can be harvested.


Food plots are planted in early July to be ready for dove season in October. We plan to plant several fields spaced out to mature for all three dove phases. We will offer two hunts per phase for a total of six dove hunts.


There is a large wild hog population on the property. Hogs can be harvested during deer season and throughout the year with prior approval. The Twin Creek Ranch actively harvests the hogs year round.


Members can enjoy guided quail hunts on 500 acres of beautiful quail habitat. Twin Creek Ranch owns and maintains 20 pointers and setters that are used for quail hunting. There are limited wild quail coveys throughout the property. They can be hunted, but in limited quantities. We are actively working to increase the population of wild birds and are in the process of restoring 800 acres of quail habitat. We are replanting longleaf pines, wire grass, burning and are trying to re-establish diversity in the native grasses. To ensure plenty of quail shooting for members, we pre-season release birds and support this with bird releases as needed. This ensures great quailing hunting all season long.


There are many types of ducks that migrate through the property. We have killed wood ducks, green wing teal, hooded mergansers, Florida mallards, ring-necked and a few other species. The location (on the property) and number of ducks varies year to year. There is a large wood duck population that returns to the Twin Creek Ranch every year. The wood ducks roost on several of the prairies. They feed along many of the lakes and along both creeks on the property. The ducks can be hunted in accordance with all local and federal laws. The property is very close to Rodman Reservoir, which also offers some consistent duck hunting.

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Twin Creek Ranch has some of the best bass fishing in the Southeast! There are 11 private lakes on site, all of which have had no public access since the 1930s. The largest lake is 115 acres and five of the lakes are 50 plus acres in size.

The lakes are in excellent health. Recent studies conducted by the University of Florida show the lakes possess a healthy fish population and numerous trophy bass (10 plus lbs). These lakes are undeveloped and beautiful.

Largemouth Bass

This is open on all lakes and is currently catch and release (unless otherwise noted). We work closely with the University of Florida to improve the quality and quantity of bass in the lakes. We also allow UF to conduct research studies on the lakes. Due to these activities, certain lakes might have fishing restrictions and some lakes might have harvesting requests.


These can be harvested from all lakes and should meet state laws for size and catch. Some lakes might have harvest restrictions or requests based upon the needs of each individual lake as determined by the University of Florida.