Grass Fed Beef

Twin Creek Ranch has been raising cattle since the 1950’s. Our cattle have always been hormone free and grass-fed on pesticide free pastures.

My grandfather was the first to invest in Angus and Brangus cattle, selling the offspring from two separate herds twice a year. Two years ago, we made the decision to combine the two herds, allowing the pastures more time to rejuvenate between cattle grazing. The pastures on the Twin Creek Ranch consist of a variety of healthy, new seasonal grasses that includes native grasses, Bahia and Bermuda as well as planted sorghum, millet and rye. Simply stated raising grass fed beef is really about pasture management to raise healthy green grasses for the herd to enjoy. It is more work for us, but better for the land, cattle and the ultimate out come. We make this happen by allowing our 400 head herd to roam between pastures situated on 5,500 acres and drink water from pristine, spring fed lakes situated between the pastureland.


During the winter, when the grass is not growing, we feed the cattle hay that we have harvested on the property to ensure the quality and limit the carbon footprint. These hayfields, like all of our pasture, have no exposure to pesticides. We have always had grass-fed beef, but the recent demand has allowed us to open it up to others. We have a USDA approved meat processing plant in Ocala that will process the cow in any fashion you would like.

Our grass-fed beef have been grass fed since birth, their mom fed on grass, their dad fed on grass and they fed on grass until they show up at your house. This if different than many grass-fed beef operations, where they feed on grains and processed feed from weaning until the last three months before they sell them, so they can call them “grass-fed”. Our cattle have never left the property (our grass is greener that the other side of the fence) and have never consumed any processed feed, hormones or pesticides. That is our guarantee…

Due to the intensive nature of raising our grass feed beef, we offer a limited supply every year. The cost is typically between $7.00-$8.00 a pound, but will vary with the cost of processing. We typically sell the beef as a ¼, ½ or whole steer. An average steer is ready for harvest in approximately 24 months and weighs about 1000 pounds.

If you are interested in buying some of our beef, please email us at